Bachelet best author award – Premio Bachelet

Well, this was not expected, but I sent some pictures to the Bachelet award and I won the best author award plus a special mention. The story is quite funny: I was having some issues with my neck and engaged with a Physiotherapy studio for some sessions. While there, the therapist talked about this award and gave me some paper modules 3 days before the deadline. I said, why not? And took part to it. So, I went to the mountain for a long weekend and got a call from Fabrizio Fratangeli, director of the award, which says: "Please write this day on your agenda as you will get a recognition as the best author for the Bachelet award. That picture with the little girl was voted as the best and others got recognized as well". I couldn't believe it was true and I went silent for a few seconds... Here is the winner:
A child's dream (Sogni di bambina)

A child's dream (Sogni di bambina)

I staged this picture to take part to a photography challenge. Oh, how it was easier to take pictures of Giulia when she was younger. Now, it's much more difficult and I need to promise crazy things...
Another image was recognized at the Bachelet award and it was "Dear John":
Dear John

Dear John

This was a challenge on benches and I left my house to go exactly to that place (Piazza del Popolo) and to that bench. You get a Dear John when your girlfriend leaves you with a letter. I envisioned this situation, but good luck helped me with the couple establishing an incredible contrast with me laying on the bench with the letter in my hand.
Here are the other pictures that I sent. Tre Storie got a spot at the exhibition as well.

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